J. L. DELAY Services LTD. Green Movers Program
J. L. DELAY uses "Reusable" moving cartons, plastic bins. Rubber bans instead of tape. Plastic covers instead of strech wrap. All to reduce the amount of "one use" moving supplies. 

J. L. DELAY uses touch screen tablets and credit card machinces to reduce the need for printing work orders and reduce the need for writing cheques.

J. L. DELAY uses low sulfur / ethanol blend fuels to keep our fleet green.

J. L. DELAY reuses "CLEAN" packing paper / moving cartons / plastic bins / mattress bags to reduce costs for future clients.

J. L. DELAY maintains its trucks and equipment to ensure maximum use and longer life.

J. L. DELAY also donates unwanted furniture, hosehold items, clothing to shelters and donation centers.

J. L. DELAY recycles any and all non reusable moving supplies such as boxes / paper to keep waste out of landfills.

J. L. DELAY supports the blue bin program and does its part by sorting recyclable items from landfill items.

Any unwanted residential / commercial items from paper / metal / electronics; are sorted and sent to its proper recycling centers.